Catherine Wynne-Paton

3. circle no 1 Redbrook at night4. circle no 2 St Peters in day5. circle no 3 Redbrook bridge

1. writing on stone Newlyn2. stone on riverbed

Catherine’s work focusses on listening through writing in paint.  Her current work began with exploring thresholds of change, where things alter to the point of becoming something else; she set out to explore the transition between writing and drawing.  Pushing the form of handwriting to locate a liminal place where it is no longer writing and much of the structure has broken down, yet leaving clues to the origin of the forms.

Her response to the tidal river bed; ‘writing’ in watercolour on a stone, made with the awareness that the tide would rush across the stone and wash away the writing, added something poetic to the temporary nature of the work

“Catherine Wynne-Paton’s exhibition explores communication. I found it fascinating that whilst it was not the most obvious or conventional subject matter, it was certainly relevant.

In a world where we battle to keep peoples noses from engaging with their mobile devices, or connected with an online hemisphere. The real world of face to face and written language is a rarer commodity. It’s devalued. Yet this world of face to face, particularly with the Art world is essential. The hand written notes. Authenticity. Actuality. The human mind with the human hand. In Catherine’s work, she bundles together sentences into a roll of gathered papers. Searching as to how the mind gathers, makes sense or connects with information. It’s not confusing. Compare it with how the mind has adapted to crafting through the online world”  Emma Drabble, Sept 2013 in response to visiting the h.Art Young Open Exhibition in St Peter’s Church, Hereford.  Published on blipfoto blog:

Catherine is a final year student on the BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree course at Hereford College of Art, is on the steering group of the Herefordshire (h.Art) Young Open exhibition, edits the Hereford College of Art newsletter and co-ordinates the display of Fine Art students work in offices in Hereford.


Twitter: Catherine Wynne-Paton @erinart

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