13th Dec. 2013

Workshop with MCA students at Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA)

Students making large scale letters from string…mcaworkshop8mcaworkshop9mcaworkshop7

Students practicing ‘Chinese’ characters they had designed from combining letters…mcaworkshop11mcaworkshop13

16th Dec. 2013

Workshop with Crossacres knitting group at CFCCA

Participants practicing ‘Chinese’ characters that they had designed. The starting point for their design was a piece of wool!


The workshops were run by artist Jayne Lloyd and explore drawing and writing in Chinese and English. Participants were be encouraged to work with a variety of mediums and scales to explore the movements and aesthetics of the gestures and marks we make when we write. The outcomes of the workshops will be collated into a book that will be exhibited as part of W0budong.

For further information or if you are interested in booking a workshop contact Jayne at Workshops can be tailored for different age groups and interests.

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