Jayne Lloyd

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Jayne’s practice is concerned with language – visual, verbal, non-verbal, gestural and written. She is interested in the affect language has on the movements of our bodies; on how we experience and inhabit our environment and on the practices we perform in everyday life. As part of her current body of work she is exploring the aesthetics of language and where writing meets drawing.

Her interest in language and communication more generally originated from working with people with disabilities that impaired their communication, some of whom had little verbal language so there was a need to find ways to communicate outside ‘formal’ language. This interest has developed into a wider exploration of the potential in ‘mis-communication’and language that can’t be read through a fluency in English, Chinese or any other language.

Jayne Lloyd holds a BA and MA in Fine Art and is currently a PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, University of London, researching inter-disciplinary arts practices in care settings. She has exhibited widely and completed residencies and site-specific commissions in both the UK and abroad. Alongside her own practice, she has 10 years’ experience in community engagement, development and facilitation roles.





Twitter Jayne Lloyd ‏@Golcar

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