Sue Gough


Sue’s current work reflects on the human condition, the passing of time, memory and loss. However the work is positive in its outlook; references to textile construction, asemic and real text and the landscape using mark making and colour create the surface layers while the tally marks provide structure. Artists’ books and prints provide another avenue within which she explores these ideas while drawing underpins everything she does.

It is light in tone, multi layered and full of gesture and mark making. The tally mark motif she features in many of these works is a way of expressing the passage of time, the monotony of daily life, repetition and obsession; a way of building up the surface of her images.
Her work is concerned with the cycle of life and the human condition. References to the landscape and its seasons provide the colours and textures while the tally marks create the grids and structure.

Many of her drawings include layers of marks and scribbles, the asemic text she calls “secret writing” and actual words, leaving spaces that allude to lost loved ones, “the departed” ones. These drawings were the starting point for the current paintings. They hold the key to the theme, mixing metaphors of textile structure and the landscape’s seasonal changes at the time of their making.

The fine balance between logic and instinct is part of the dualism that has fascinated Sue since she began her career; she believes that the abstract elements of her work can express the unsayable more successfully than pure figuration can.

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